"Star is Awesome!! Super professional and she takes the time to find out what you want. I have been using spray tans in the booths and over the counter tanners for years and have never had such a precise and natural looking "fake" tan. Great color and none of the blotches from other methods. It also lasts longer... I got about 8 days from mine before it started to fade." - Amy S.


"I got my first spray tan with Star and it was awesome. She is user friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Star explained every step before she did the actual tanning and during the process she was very patient! The tan looked amazing, made me feel very confident about my mommy body and lasted around 7-10 days. I totally recommend Star." - Lucia B.


"I recently had an appointment with Star for a spray tan and I can't recommend her enough! She's very knowledgeable, the product is amazing, and she makes sure you're comfortable and well informed." - Sara W.